Dear bar-owners, where the ^&% are you?

It was a Friday evening. We had just jumped off the treadmill that is working in Toronto. Suffice to say, we were thirsty, dehydrated even, from the vacuum ingesting all of our creative juices and backfiring dry dusty projects, due of course, by EOD.

We weren’t used to the commute, we just moved here, this odd place on the outskirts of Toronto called Mimico, the resting place of the wild pigeons.

Confident we would find somewhere to stop along the way to take the edge off, we kept driving… and driving. It wasn’t until we hit Port Credit that we realized we had gone too far. It was too late to turn back as the Toronto twitches started to kick in (a natural reflex caused by close proximity to high levels of type A personalities). Now, we were in Mississauga, unchartered territory. We had heard about these people, the 905’ers.

Naturally, we were intrigued. What do these people eat? Where do they drink? How do they get around? We discovered a lot: an affinity/borderline obsession to famous people named Bob, the freedom of parking without tariffs and a nightlife that doesn’t involve a commute to Toronto.

We came out of the experience confused, and still thirsty. How did this all skip Mimico? Why don’t we have a Bob-infused restaurant serving brunch, or even a bar with local suds on tap? Where is our sense of community, Mimico? Where do we meet? And how are we going to support each other?

This is our call, to Etobicoke and Toronto micro-brewers, to sommeliers, to barmen & barwomen and any alcohol enthusiast with an entrepreneurial mindset: please open up shop in Mimico.

We’re thirsty. We need you.